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SBS Two was re-stylized as SBS 2 on 1 April 2013 in a bid to re-appropriate the channel as SBS' youth network.



SBS 2's logo has changed to accommodate the SBS brand refresh in July. The 2 was solidified and the SBS mercator symbol is merged to the top curve. The use of the mercator makes it easier to identify the network as SBS' secondary channel.

SBS Viceland


Sbs viceland logo

On 22 July 2016, SBS announced a venture with Vice Media to bring their flagship TV network Viceland to Australia through the SBS 2 spectrum and SBS On Demand. This coincides with moves from Vice to expand the channel's reach overseas to 50 new countries. In most cases, this means establishing bandwidth on a nation's subscription TV spectrum like in New Zealand in which Viceland will be broadcast through Sky. However in Australia, the channel will be free-to-air. It will broadcast many of Vice's existing programs as well as some original Australian productions.

The brand was unveiled on 4th October 2016, confirming the official name to be SBS Viceland and will take effect on November 15. The logo employees Viceland's universal Helvetica Black type and includes the SBS mercator in a similar vein to SBS' adaption of Food Network. The channel's on-air appearance will most likely also take after it's American counterpart and features Viceland's tagline: It's a TV Channel.

Particularly similar to Viceland's oddball marketing, the teaser videos on SBS 2's Facebook and Twitter page also featured a hotline number, 1800 321 511. Viewers can call to express their opinion as to what they would like from the new network, leave an obscure Australian colloquialism or just tell the network how they feel.

Although Viceland's branding is applied to the channel, it's still wholly-owned and operated by SBS. Many of SBS 2's shows which already have broadcasting rights with SBS will carry over to the new network, including the mid-day international news bulletins and the channel's existing youth news show The Feed.

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