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1989-1991 (Pilot)

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The logo is on a light blue jagged shape. The R's and the S are yellow and the U, G, A, and the T are purple. This was only seen on the unaired pilot episode.

1991–2004 (TV Show)




The 2nd Rugrats logo (1991-2004)

1992–1999 (Sony VHS tapes)

Rugrats VHS

The pointed shaped in the foreground of the logo is gone in the Sony covers, but on the Paramount Home Media Distribution covers, the shape is there.

In 1996, Sony stopped making Rugrats VHS tapes and Paramount started making Rugrats VHS tapes. This lasted up into 2005.

1999–present (Merchandise) -2005 (Paramount VHS/DVD)

The 3rd Rugrats logo (2001-2006)

This logo was never used on the show.