Repsol original logo

The origins of Repsol brand go back to the '51. At this time, Refinery was being consolidated in Spain and 1951 saw the inauguration of the Repesa Society (Refinería de Petróleos de Escombreras) that would become a pioneer in commercialising a brand name of fuel, oils and lubricants.



Repsol 1987

In 1987, Wolff Olins designs the Repsol brand, to create an identity that can be easily recognised and remembered and that can serve to integrate the different companies that make up the group.


Repsol logo
Repsol 1999

A new design is created in order to adapt it to a more modern graphic concept, maintaining the positioning, representation and integration of the different companies.

By 1999, to reinforce its international core, Repsol acquired the Argentinean oil company YPF, resulting in a more balanced, better positioned multinational company, creating a milestone in the transformation of the brand by taking advantage of the positive attributes when opening its new markets. A single brand is defined that maintains the graphic symbols of each of the companies, conserving the original logos and sharing a common symbol.


Repsol 2012 logo

In 2012, Repsol is refreshing its brand to give it a vibrant and modern dimension, in order to take the lead in its new visual expression.