Rede Tupi de Televisão (Tupi Television Network) is the first TV Station of Brazil and Latin America, founded on September 18, 1950, by Assis Chateaubriand, and became extinct on July 18, 1980.

TV Tupi


Tv tupi indio
The first Rede Tupi logo is they mascot, An Indian of the Tupi-Guarani tribe called Tupiniquim.


Logo indio

The second logo is the Tupi Indian inside a Shield with the words Canal 3 (Channel 3).


Tupi 1960

In 1966 TV Tupi started to broadcast in the channel 4, getting this logo.

Rede Tupi de Televisão


Rede Tupi logo 1972
This logo is created for the start of color broadcasts in Brazil, This logo represents the transmission waves and the colors of the television, this logo have so much variants, and is the most known.


Rede Tupi logo 1977

That's the minus used logo, they introduced it to innovate the brand, but it had bad accepted, so they reverted to the 1972-1976 logo again in 1978, The logo represents a pinwheel.



This logo is used because of problems trying to innovate the brand, but they wanted to go back and use an alternate version of the 1972 logo. One of the changes is the waves. now it is more circular.This logo in the start, are just a variant of the 1972-1976 logo, but in 1978 it became the official logo.


Rede Tupi

In 1978, the logo was changed again to look like a stylized T and was used until 1980.

On July 18, 1980, Rede Tupi became extinct. TV Tupi São Paulo is replaced by SBT in 1981 by Sílvio Santos. And the TV Tupi Rio is replaced by Rede Manchete in 1983 by Adolpho Bloch, which was replaced by RedeTV! in 1999.

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