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When Rede Tupi first launched on September 18, 1950, it didn't really have an official logo. Their logo was a test pattern spinning into a character's face. The name of the character is unknown.

1972-1977; 1977-1979

Rede Tupi logo 1972

There were many versions of this logo, ranging from different color order to the curvy lines (Ex. The logo being rotated upside down or one of the lines being gray. This logo was introduced in 1972 and came in a number of variants, take for example the spinning pattern idents, which were one of the most popular. There would also be an announcer saying "Este programa da TV Tupi de Televisão foi aprovado e divulgado pelo serviço de censura federal para ser recebido neste horario" which is translated to "This program Television TV Tupi was approved and released by federal censorship service to be received in this schedule".


Rede Tupi logo 1977


Rede Tupi

In 1979, the logo was charged to look like a stylized T. Just like the previous logo, this come in a number of variants.

In July 18, 1980, Rede Tupi stopped broadcasting and was replaced by SBT in 1981.

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