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Red Lobster


Red Lobster-0


Red Lobster-1


Red Lobster-2

In 1984, Red Lobster changed font.

= 1986–1988, 1995

In 1986, Red Lobster updated their logo, Restaurants during this logo era used the mansard roof façade design. It is used at some locations for a while.


Red Lobster-1461565362

In 1988, Red Lobster removed the background color.


220px-Red Lobster logo svg

In 1995, the logo was updated for the second time, and changed the appearance of the lobster, and added a frame for the lettering, and changed the font to a slightly different serifed one. Restaurants during this logo era used gable roofs.

2004–present (secondary)

220px-RL Critter
In 2004, the logo is used as a secondary logo


Redlobster logocopia

In 2011, the logo was updated for the third time, and made the letters all uppercase, added the slogan "Fresh Fish. Live Lobster." below it, smoothed the colors of the lobster, and filled in a black background. New and renovated restaurants with this logo use a flat roof with gables on different sides. This logo first appeared in 2009 as part of Bar Harbor" restaurant prototype modeled after coastal New England.

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