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1994 - 1999

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Rainbow 1


Rainbow 1 1992 logo

This route is the second Rainbow Route, which launched in 1999, and had an ocean blue colour. These buses had low floor, and a frequency of every 10 minutes.


Rainbow 1 - 2004 logo

Two of the Excels were replaced by Solars in July 2004, with: an upgraded look, more seats, and audio stop announcements. The rears of these buses were changed three times: 1 - a Trent advert. 2 - a route of love, and finally, 3 - really cool adverts of places to see, and do. The rest of them then came in late September- early October.

Rainbow One


Rainbow 2014

The Solars were then replaced by Versas, considering a Rainbow, and Rapid reload. The colour of the buses went even darker, and the name was changed. The Rainbow was kept, but, 1 was changed to the word, one. It even came with some awesome new features: free, and fast 4G Wi-Fi, USB sockets, creature comforts, a new timetable, and circles to stop confusion from happening.