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RaiSat Yoyo
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Rai YoYo


Rai YoYo 2010

With the retirement of the RaiSat brand, RaiSat YoYo became Rai YoYo. It adopted a new logo, maintaining the colors of the previous logo and adding the speech bubble shape launched by Rai Gulp, another youth-oriented channel.

Rai Yoyo


Rai Yoyo New Logo

Following on from the rebrand of Rai's 4 main channels, Rai Yoyo along with Rai's other thematic channels were rebranded to match that of Rai 1, 2, 3 and 4 on the 10th April 2017. Rai Yoyo still keeps the red, yellow, green and blue colors on the logo but has also ditched the speechbox style used on their old logo like Rai Gulp has. Their new idents feature 4 brightly colored square characters (red, yellow, green and blue) interacting with each other in a blank white world.