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RS 1969
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Includes the "Supermarket of Sound" slogan.


Radio Shack 1974 logo

This logo is solid red in a "funky" text style, with a space between the "Radio" and "Shack" part of the logo. Tandy Corporation used the same typeface for its logo.


Radio Shack New Logo

This logo is a very big update, and now adds an R in a circle above the logo, which is now stylized as "RadioShack".


RadioShack 2013



On February 5, 2015, RadioShack announced that it had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Using bankruptcy to end contractual restrictions that had required it keep unprofitable stores open, it immediately published a list of 1784 stores it intended to close, a process it wished to complete by the month's end to avoid an estimated rent of $7 million in March. RadioShack has recently started reusing the typeface from their 1996 logo.