1994-2006; 2017-present

Rtv bk telecom logo

This logo was the only logo of the station.

While the idents were in Latin (and formerly the main news program of the station between maybe the early 2000s and November 2004), this logo was unchanged. On a promo film on YouTube about the station which can be watched, a Latin version exists too but was unused on the network itself, just can be seen on the flag on the top of the network's headquarters. Between 1994 and 1999, the logo's color was inverted. As the current color was invented, a clock was added too to be below the logo. Once in 2003 and 2004, the logo had the blue color transparent. The logo was shown on top left corner, then moved to top right, and during 2000 and late 1999 (maybe), the logo was on the bottom left corner with the current color, and moved then again on the top left around early 2001 or late 2000.

From January 15, 2006 to early April 2006, the channel logo toned down blue. From April 2006 to the channel closure, the network bought rights to broadcast 2006 FIFA World Cup: adding a rectangle with the 2006 FIFA World Cup logo on the left with the network logo (transparent background) logo on the right, with a wordmark "OFFICIAL TELEVISION" below the rectangle, in Serbian Latin (the logo of BK was Cyrillic). The clock was unchanged.

On October 11, 2017, the channel relaunched on certain cable operators, using the same logo above, and again on the top left corner, albeit it's a channel showing archives from the original 1994-2006 channel and no premieres whatsoever.