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RTP2/II Programa


RTP 1970

RTP2 was launched on December 25, 1968, occupying two hours of RTP1's schedule during the night time. Despite this, there was no official logo for the network since the logo used was the main RTP logo and in order to distinguish the two channels and though RTP2 was the legal name, the channel had to be identified as II Programa until 1978.

RTP2 (first era)


RTP2 1970's
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RTP2 1982

Network ID


RTP2 1986

Network ID


RTP2 1987

RTP Canal 2


RTP Canal 2

In 1989, RTP2 was renamed as RTP Canal 2.

RTP2 (second era)


RTP2 1990

In 1990, RTP Canal 2 became RTP2. The logo has a white "2" with RTP words on the right.




In 1992, RTP2 became TV2. The logo has a silver "TV" words with the yellow ribbon forming a "2".

RTP2 (third era)


RTP2 1996

In 1996, TV2 was renamed again as RTP2. The logo had a yellow box with the number "2" inside with the "RTP" words on the bottom. (different for RTP1).


RTP2 logo 1998

Same as the RTP1, RTP2 had a slight update in 1998.


RTP2 2002

In 2002, RTP2 gets a new look. The box and the "RTP" words were retired from the logo, and the "2" became dark red (white during on-air).



A dois logo

At that period, RTP2 was known as 2:, pronounced and alternately spelled as a dois: ("[the] two:"), with identity designed by Brandia Central.

The logo appeared for the first time in December 2003 on a RTP2 promo.

Different of the 2002 logo. The 2: has 14 squares forming a "2" and 2 squares forming a ":". The logo was replaced in 2007.

RTP2 (fourth era)


RTP2 logo

In 2007, 2: was renamed again as RTP2. The logo was very different than the RTP1. Identity designed by Brandia Central.


RTP2 Logotipo 2016

On May 9th, the channel introduced its new look at 21:00 (GMT).


  • For other related logos and images see: RTP2/Other

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