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Logo rbs tv 1983-2008


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2017 (tentative)

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As part of the sale of the Grupo RBS operations in the state of Santa Catarina to Grupo NC, they will be renamed NSC (standing for "Nossa Santa Catarina", "Our Santa Catarina"), a name chosen by popular vote. The logos used in the voting are very simple, as seen below.

DNC logo

LIG logo

NSC logo

The other shortlisted names, developed by Interbrand, which will also be in charge of the logo and overall identity of NSC, were Lig (from the slogan "Ligada em Santa Catarina, ligada em você" - in Portuguese, "Connected to Santa Catarina, connected to you") and DNC (for "DNA Catarinense", "Santa Catarina DNA"). The vote ran from May 3-15, 2017, the winning name was revealed on May 16, 2017 and will go into effect later in the year.