Logo PC

Until 2004, the old logo of the Regional Council representing the strength of the Atlantic Arc that unites the regions of western Europe. The square is the symbol of the earth and of the city, bounded by the corners departments and open to communication networks of the space in which it operates. Green is the color of the soil, the blue of the ocean mingling in the swamps of the region, the red that characterizes "the land of the west." The logo as a whole characterizes the dynamics of the regions that comprise the Atlantic Arc.


The logo of the Regional Council (2005) is the orange silhouette of the region on the green territory of France, crossed by an Atlantic arc and white curved lines. The image is accompanied by the name of the region and its motto "La démocratie participative". The logo expresses the will of openness, solidarity and the dynamics of change experienced in the field. It was conducted internally by the Service Area Communication.