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Qantas Empire Airways Kangaroo Service logo 1944–1947 Qantas-1947 Qantas-1968 Qantas (1984) (Stacked) Qantas (2007) (Stacked) Qantas Logo 2016 - Stacked Version
1944–1947 1947–1968 1968–1984 1984–2007 2007–2016 2016–present

Qantas (Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services) is the national airline of Australia.


Qantas Empire Airways Kangaroo Service logo 1944–1947



The common company nickname "Flying Kangaroo" probably derives from this logo. Note the shape of the Australian continent in the southern hemisphere of the globe.



This version of the Flying Kangaroo was partially revived alongside the current logo as a detail underneath the cockpit window on the 2016 livery, as an homage to Qantas' history.


Qantas logo old


Qantas logo

Hulsbosch tweaked the Qantas logo in July 2007 to make way for the arrival of the Airbus A380, but first flew on one of their Boeing 767-300ERs. Both the kangaroo and the text were modified.


Qantas Logo 2016

On October 27, 2016, Qantas' flying kangaroo was redesigned by Qantas' lead designer Marc Newson and Houston Group in Sydney. The triangular container was reshaped to resemble the tail fin of a modern aircraft. The roo graphic was changed by losing some details such as the arms and bolstered with some gradated areas to simulate a three-dimensional feel. The wordmark had also changed.