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Psion logo


Psion 2D logo 2011

On January 31, 2011, Psion announced that it had dropped "Teklogix" from its corporate name and introduced a new visual identity.


The new logo can take the form of both a flat wordmark and a 3D model made up of blocks.

"Our research showed that we had to remove the word “Teklogix" from our name, to unite the business around one, clear, global identity. We found that the complexity of the dual company name was impacting our business by confusing our customers, resellers and other key stakeholders, especially in new markets for Psion. We also took the opportunity to refresh the brand to make it properly mirror our business strategy and to work better in the digital world" - John Conoley, CEO of Psion in a press release
"In creating our icon, we zeroed in on the name Psion. For over 30 years, Psion has stood for innovative technological solutions created through pioneering design and development. It was the natural building block for our new icon.
Our icon embodies adaptive ingenuity’s modularity, openness and customization through the five characters that together form Psion.
Clearly sculpted from the same rectangular block, the modular characters each have their own distinctive size and shape. They are related, but irregular. They fit but do not repeat.
In a world of soft organic logos, our icon stands strong and proud – epitomizing the robustness of our products, our modern technology and precision engineering.
Acting as wordmark and logo as and when required, our icon learns from and adapts to its environment – reflecting and reacting to its surroundings and the potential of an object or situation.
- Psion web site

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