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ProSieben started out as Pro7 on 1 January 1989. However during specific theme days, this logo was reused as an on-screen logo on June 2, June 9, October 6 and October 24, 2016.
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ProSieben old

On October 24, 1994, Pro7 was rebranded as ProSieben and introduced a new look by adopting a new logo. With this new look, the new logo had the name "Pro Sieben" written underneath it in a style similar to the example above. Nowadays, the symbol alone works as the full logo.


Pro7 2

In 1997, ProSieben changed its logo again, and the "ProSieben" were renewed thus it made the black rectangle was eliminated from the wordmark, so the word "Pro" could be able to be beside with the word "Sieben".


Logo pro7

In 2001, the "ProSieben" wordmark was removed from the logo, thus the logo will now remain only with the symbol.


ProSieben logo 2004-2007

In 2004, they started putting their logo inside a dark-blue square.


ProSieben logo 2007

In 2007, ProSieben redesigned its 2004 logo and the square became circled, with the symbol tuning down its pure-red colour.


ProSieben logo 2009

In 2009, the circled square became gradient and changed its color to "Cosmo Black" and gets placed in the center for the middle of a silver squircle, thus the symbol grows much bitter bigger than the previous logo and made the channel become relaunched with more new looks and new graphics.

By January 31, 2010, ProSieben, alongside Sat.1 and kabel eins launched their HD simulcasts.


ProSieben logo 2011
In 2011, the "Cosmo Black" circled square disappeared and was replaced by a pure-red circled-rectangle that would now feature the symbol become coloured in white to reflect its visible graphics.


ProSieben logo 2015
In 2015, ProSieben got its current logo and the pure-red squircle-rectangle was eliminated, as the symbol is now placed inside a dark-red cube, thus the symbol tunes up its red color, as well as the channel gets relaunched with much more new look and new on-air graphics.