Playtex is an American brand name for undergarments, baby products, gloves, feminine products and sunscreen. It was founded in 1947, when International Latex Corporation (ILC) created a division named Playtex to produce and sell latex products. Playtex was the first to advertise undergarments on national television in 1955 and the first to show a woman wearing only a bra from the waist-up in a commercial in 1977.

Playtex brand bras


This is the first Playtex brand bras logo since 1948.


This is the second Playtex brand bras logo since 1953.


This is the third Playtex brand bras logo since 1960.


This is the fourth Playtex brand bras logo since 1965.


This is the fifth Playtex brand bras logo since 1968.


This is the sixth Playtex brand bras logo since 1970.


Here is the seventh and first official Playtex brand bras logo,since 1971. In Italy and as in the rest of Europe was present until 1988.


Here is the eighth and second official Playtex brand bras logo,since 1980,and he went on until the first half of 1986.


Here is the most important information about a famous and current Playtex logo. In the first image,here is the Playtex Limited logo: created in July-August 1986,and introduced in 1986-1987,the logo shows the Playtex stylized logo with the "LIMITED" normal text in down labeled on a black background. In the second image,here is the official and current Playtex stylized logo,created ever in 1986,like on a first logo but without "LIMITED". However,this logo was introduced on January,5 1987,and will be released worldwide since 1988.


Here is the Playtex stylized renewed logo,created and released in 2003,with the "Y" shortened.

Other Playtex brand bras logos in outside world


This is a Playtex differents temporary logos,presents in outside world,from 1954 to 1987.


This is new Playtex stylized logo created and introduced from March 2007. Only available in Europe,the first country to introduce the new Playtex stylized logo was in the UK. In Italy was released in 2014.

Playtex brand tampons

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Playtex brand babies products

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