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Pizza Hut Logo 1955

1958–1967 (Pete logo)


Pizza Hut commenced operations in 1958. Its first logo featured its former mascot Pete holding the words Pizza and Hut.


Pizza Hut logo old

In 1967, Pizza Hut began using a new logo, which featured the famous "red roof" icon, which is still used albeit in a modified form today. Also, the signature roof for new (and updated) restaurants at the time was changed from brown to red.





Pizza Hut

In 2000, Pizza Hut introduced a new logo similar to the previous one, but a different font was introduced. Also, the "i" in "Pizza" had a green dot placed on it, and a yellow line was placed underneath the wordmark.

New and renovated restaurants that no longer use the "red roof" design instead use new branding (known as "WingStreet" since 2003), with larger square feet, larger seating capacity, modern interior features, pick-up window for carry-out orders and free Wi-Fi. However, some renovated restaurants still retain the shape of the previous design, but newer exterior paneling and modernized interior features, and some unrenovated "red roof" restaurants only updated to this logo. As of 2010, this logo is currently being used as a secondary logo.

2010 (North American prototype)

Pizza Hut logo 2010 North America

This logo was only used at a series of prototype locations in Peoria and Peoria Heights in Illinois. This was used during a proposed reformatting, which explored the concept of the restaurant chain changing to being exclusively a carry-out chain. This logo was eventually removed from said locations, and its branding was reverted to the previous logo.


Pizza Hut 2012 logo

In February 2010, the red roof was given a glossy look and the text was modified. This logo is still used at some locations.

2008–present (international)

Pizza hut logo

This logo is used in some countries in South America, and is also used in Hong Kong, Israel and Southeast Asia. It was introduced in 2008 and is still used internationally.

February 2014-November 2014 (North America), 2014–present (international)


In February 2014, the yellow stripe at the bottom of the wordmark and the green dot on the "i" in "Pizza" were dropped from the logo design, and the wordmark was moved down further from the red roof symbol. This version looks similar to the 1968 logo, and is still used in some countries.


2014–present (North America), 2016–present (Asia)

Pizza Hut logo

In November 2014, Pizza Hut announced a major change to their menu and the look of their restaurants. They also announced a new logo and a new box design, both of which were launched on November 19 of that month. The logo consists of the February 2014 logo in white, placed on a red circle design akin to a paintbrush stroke. However, on boxes this logo only has the white roof inside the red circle.

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