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1958-1972 1972-1993 1993-present



Petrobras was founded in October 1953 by President Getulio Vargas, but only five years later, the company's first logo was developed. It consisted of a yellow diamond, green outline and the word Petrobras, also accented in blue. Both the form and the colors used were reference to the national flag.



In late 1972, the brand had its first visual change, which lasted for over 20 years. The previous logo, the time was considered outdated by the Company and replaced by hexagon-diamond badge, which had two V letters together to form the design.

in the 1970s, the "BR" symbol was created especially for Petrobras Distribuidora brand. The emblem became widely known in the company's gas stations. For a time, the network of stations used Petrobras BR symbol and the hexagon-diamond logo. But the BR brand became popular and, therefore, became the only one in the company's stations.


560px-Petrobras horizontal logo (international).svg

Petrobras initiative generated some problems, and the public no longer associate with Petrobras Distribuidora to Petrobras' image. In 1993, the hexagon-rhombus gave way to the symbol BR, which is today used by all segments within the company.