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Pep Boys (first era)


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Pep Boys Auto


Pepboys Auto

Pep Boys launched an entirely new logo on June 6, 2004 replacing the the 1963 logo, thus being rebranded as Pep Boys Auto. This logo was also updated at most locations. As soon as possible, this logo will get updated to the current logo.

Pep Boys (second era)


Pep Boys

Pep Boys Auto was shortened as Pep Boys again in 2010 for store branding and offers. Never used in any store.



Launched on July 23, 2013, this logo is similar to the 1963 logo and makes removal the well-known slogan "DOES EVERYTHING FOR LESS." and the signature music in the commercial which goes "When the lights come on, just come in. Yeah! ("beep beep beep") Pep Boys, it DOES EVERYTHING FOR LESS." and keeps the three faces (Manny, Moe, and Jack). Now, at the end of commercials, you will only hear the three beeping sounds from now on. The store layout used in the new commercials previews the new layout which may be used when the stores get renovated.