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GTV-4 GTV 4 1974 GTV 4 Color Logo 1979 Maharlika-Broadcasting-System-Logo-1980-MBS4 MBS 4 1983 MBS Circular Channel 4 Logo - PTV 1985 New TV 4
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Government Television




In 1974, during the Martial Law era and Marcos adminstration/regime, Government Television (GTV) started its broadcast under the Philippine Government though National Media Production Center (NMPC). The network began its telecast on Channel 4, the channel formerly owned by ABS-CBN which was shutdown on the start of Martial Law on September 23, 1972.


GTV 4 1974


GTV 4 Color Logo 1979

Maharlika Broadcasting System




In 1980, GTV-4 was rebranded as Maharlika Broadcasting System (MBS). It also switching into full color television broadcast, the last on Philippine television. The name change was part of the ultilization of the word "Maharlika" by Marcos during Martial Law era.


MBS 4 1983


MBS Circular Channel 4 Logo - PTV 1985

Similar to KHVH/KITV logo.


New TV 4

People's Television Network (first era)



In February 24, 1986, during EDSA People Power Revolution, the event ended the Marcos regime and ousts the dictator Ferdinand Marcos, MBS-4 was officially renamed as People's Television (PTV). This change is a sign that the network is in the hands by the supporters of Cory Aquino, Marcos' rivalry and the new president of the Philippines. The Snake-shaped number "4" wordmark from GTV in 1979 to 1980 was reused. Its color's logo is also in yellow, symbol of the democracy during the Marcos regime and People Power.


PTV Channel 4 - People's Network

In 1989, PTV-4 added its tagline with "The People's Network" and also with new slogan, "Four For You!". Its logo feature a the 5-striped number "4" wordmark replacing the Snake-shaped number "4" wordmark.



In late-1995, during Ramos adminstration, PTV-4 was introduced its new tagline again with "Ang Network Para Sa Pilipino". The number "4" was also dropped. Its logo feature a yellow dove flying with the tri-colored, blue, white and red flag and its "PTV" word in yellow. Its colors symbolized the flag of the Philippines.



In 1998, during Estrada adminstration, PTV was relaunched as "PTV Network". The "PTV" word was changed into different font and also added the "Network" word below the PTV word, it was still stood as People's Television Network. The tri-colored (Blue, White and Red) ribbons with flying dove and the "Ang Network Para Sa Pilipino" tagline was dropped, replaced with its new tagline, “Best in News Professionals/Best in Sports/Best in Culture and Education.”


PTV fastforward

In May 2000, PTV rebranded again with its new tagline, "Fast... Forward...". The word "Network" was dropped. The logo featured with the 3D rendered blue oval with Tri-colored Red, Green and Blue rounded edges and also the letter "P" in White on the 3D rendered blue oval and the letters "TV" in Blue.

National Broadcasting Network




In July 16, 2001, during Arroyo adminstration, PTV-4 "went off the air" to make way for its officially new name as National Broadcasting Network (NBN), with carrying a new slogan "One People. One Nation. One Vision.". Its logo feature a the modified NBN wordmark (which similar to the old logo of NBN (the acronym stands for "Newcastle Broadcasting New South Wales") of Australia used from 1979 until 1994) with its three colors, Blue, Red, and Yellow. Although its corporate name, People's Television Network, Inc. is still being used until now.


NBN World Logo

In 2003, NBN was called as NBN World , in cooperation with the Television and Radio Broadcasting Service (TARBS).



In 2007, NBN was rebranded again with its new tagline as "NBN: Information Channel". While the 2001 NBN logo is still being used until October 5, 2011.

People's Television Network (second era)



In October 6, 2011, During the Aquino III administration. NBN was officially renamed back to People's Television (PTV), this time as PTNI. Its logo featured the Satellite dish-styled logo and its colors also represented the Philippine flag (the colors of red, blue and yellow).



In January 16, 2012, during the network's special coverage of impeachment trial of Former Chief Justice, Renato Corona, PTV used its temporary logo, The logo featured the "PTV" word in Red also with the "People's Television" word and the "Network" word in Black below the PTV word and it was used until July 1, 2012, as a preparation of PTV's reformat. the logo was short-lived.


Peoples tv ph

In July 2, 2012, During the Aquino III administration. PTV was officially rebranded again with its slogan as "PTV: Telebisyon ng Bayan". On July 11, 2016, during Duterte administration, the "Telebisyon ng Bayan" slogan was dropped from the logo, retaining its the 2012 PTV logo until April 2, 2017. The logo featured the letter P comprised of an antenna television with its only colored Light Blue.



During the Duterte administration on April 3, 2017, its 2012 logo was replaced by temporary logo (a stylized wordmark of PTV) as the network prepared for the launch of its new logo on June 28, 2017, which represents the elements of the Philippine flag (three stars, sun, the triangle and the colors of red, blue and yellow) and also the "People's Television" word in Proxima Nova Extrabold font. The stylized PTV wordmark is retained as the station's on-screen secondary logo, both the April 3, 2017 logo and the June 28, 2017 logo as the alternate logo is used the PTV Outside Broadcast (OB) Vans. it also the network was relaunched as the new slogan "Para sa Bayan (For the Nation)", which was already used since July 2016 (prior to the re-branding).