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1993-1999 Idents

September 6, 1999-October 7, 2013 Idents

Both of these idents were replaced in 2008, but they were still being used on older PBS Kids programming until 2013. (e.g. ,Dragon Tales, Between the Lions, Barney, Teletubbies, etc.), and these were animated at Lee Hunt Accociates.


(September 4, 2000-October 7, 2013 Idents)

These idents from 2000 were also replaced in 2008, but still used on older programming until 2013, like Clifford. These idents were also animated at Lee Hunt Accociates.


(September 2, 2002 - October 7, 2013 Idents)


These idents were also replaced in 2008, just like the 2000 and 1999 idents. These were animated at Primal Screen.. However, these idents can still be seen on shows like WordWorld.

(November 25, 2005 Idents)

These idents were shown during the PBS Kids Big Big Friend Day Special.


1999-2005 Station Idents

2008-2013 Idents

Several new idents were produced in 2008. Themes for the idents (featuring Dash and Dot) include: telescopes, rock climbing, picnics, gardens, and magnets among many others. These idents are in high-definition. These idents are designed at Primal Screen, who also did the previous idents.

2008-2013 Promos

These promo endboards are based on the 2008 Idents featuring Dot and Dash. These only feature Dot

2008-2013 Station Idents

2013-present Idents

These idents are designed at Primal Screen, who also did the previous two idents. Featuring Dot Dee and Del

2013-present Station Idents

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