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PBS Kids' first logo was based on PBS' 3rd logo from 1984. It gave a nickname "PBS P-Pals" It consists of three stylized P profiles, depicted as literally living things, complete with appendages, drawn as a cartoon, set on a white background. They are in different colors and patterns that change throughout the ident and eventually stop on blue, orange, and green respectively. They dance and sing "This is P-B-S! Woo-hoo-hoo!,", then stop when the 1993 Ready To Learn dog walks by the lower portion of the screen and barks (he holds a balloon saying E/I in the redesigned one). At the same time, the third one ad libs and his red hat flies off of his head for a moment, then drops back down. The "PBS" text appears in black to the lower left of them.


PTV 1993

Stylized as PTV. The P-head was based on PBS' 2nd logo from 1971. But with the B & S being replaced with T & V.



An E/I Balloon has been added to the logo.

1998 (prototype)


The name "PBS Kids" was concieved in mid-1998 as a rebranding effort for PBS as part of its ongoing changes of its profiles.

1998 (prototype)


1998-1999 (2nd prototype)


1999 (3rd prototype)

PBS Kids 1999

This logo was used for on-air promos, bumpers, and idents until September 5, 1999.


PBS Kids Logo

On September 6, 1999, PBS Kids modified their logo completely. PBS Kids' mascots, Dot and Dash, are introduced and the final resulting PBS Kids logo appears for the first time. This logo was designed by Richard McGuire (designer of characters for The New Yorker magazine) with Network ID's being produced by Lee Hunt Associates. Starting in 2000, new ID's were produced by Primal Screen.

TV Shows and Kid Logos

Many times, Dot or Dash don't appear in the logo. Instead the characters from a random PBS Kids show replace the two.



The word "Kids" was moved in the think bubble in 2009.


PBS Kids 2013

The logo's green color was toned down in 2013.

(Click here to see the Network IDs in actual use)


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