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Moscow 1980

Olimpiadas 80 Rede Globo

Los Angeles 1984

Olimpiadas 84 Rede Globo

Seoul 1988

Olimpiadas 88 Rede Globo

Barcelona 1992

Olimpiadas 92 globo

Version #1

Olimpiadas 92 Rede Globo

Version #2

Atlanta 1996

Olimpiadas 96 Rede Globo

Sydney 2000

Olimpíada 2000 na Globo

Version #1 (as Olimpíada 2000)

Olimpíadas 2000 na Globo

Version #2 (as Olimpíadas 2000)

Athens 2004

Olimpiadas 2004 na Globo

Beijing 2008

Olimpíadas 2008 na Globo

Version #1 (as Olimpíadas 2008)

Olimpiadas 2008 na Globo 4x3

Version #2 (as Beijing 2008)

Rio 2016 (Host Network)


"Somos Todos Olímpicos" (We are all Olympic) logo/slogan

"Official Broadcasting" logos

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