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Knott's Camp Snoopy



Original Camp Snoopy logo with Knott's prefix, in reference to the Park's original developers

Camp Snoopy


Camp Snoopy Rollercoaster Logo Fall 2005

Camp Snoopy "rollercoaster logo" used briefly in the fall of 2005 as the beginning of a re-imaging of Camp Snoopy into more of a destination for thrills. Its lifespan was cut short due to Mall of America losing the rights to the Peanuts characters a few months later in January 2006.

The Park at Mall of America


Park at MOA

Interim Park at MOA logo used until rights were secured for a new brand for the park

Nickelodeon Universe



Original Nickelodeon Universe using the typeset of the then-current Nickelodeon logo


2nd Nickelodeon Universe logo2

After the Nickelodeon channel rebrand in the fall of 2009, Nickelodeon Universe followed suit in 2010 with a new logo

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