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Independent Television System


ITS 1965-70

From 1965 to 1970, Network Ten was known as the Independent Television System. The logo is similar to German television network Deutsches Fernsehen.

In 1967, ITS became the first network in Australia to air in color.

The 0/10 Network


0-10 Network

In 1970, the network was renamed The 0/10 Network to reflect the names of the first two stations in the group.

Network Ten (First era)


ATV10 1980-84

This logo was first used by ATV Melbourne in January 1980 to signify the change of frequencies from 0 to 10. It was also used for a brief period by Ten Adelaide from 1983-84.


Ten 1983-88

This logo was used by Ten Sydney from 1983-88. it was later adopted by Ten Melbourne in July 1984 and Ten Adelaide in November 1985. This logo was similar to the new logo adopted by Channel 0 Brisbane in April 1983 when it was rebranded as 'TV0'.


Ten 1988-89

Used by the network's Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide branches from January 24, 1988 to July 23, 1989. Ten Perth followed suit when transmission began on May 20. Channel 0 Brisbane started using this logo on September 1 during a series of late-night test transmissions in the lead-up to September 10 when they changed frequencies from 0 to 10.

10 TV Australia


10 TV Australia 1989-91

This logo was used across the network from July 23, 1989 to January 13, 1991 in an attempt to lift declining ratings.

Network Ten (Second era)


Ten 1991-99

Introduced on January 13, 1991; this is the first version of the long-running 'ten' logo. Originally, the letters stood for 'The Entertainment Network'.



This new blue-and-yellow logo was launched in late 1999 when Ten began using their "Electric" station idents and used until early 2008.


Ten 2008-

This glossy logo was launched in early 2008, and was used until June 2013.


Ten 2013-

On 22 June 2013, Network Ten replaced the yellow rim and text with white and recoloured the blue core to a lighter shade.