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ITS 1965-70 0-10 Network ATV10 1980-84 Ten 1983-88 Ten 1988-89 Ten logo1989
1965–1970 1970–1980 1980–1984 1983–1988 1988–1989 1989–1991
Ten 1991-99 419532 Ten-logo 2colour-0 NetworkTen Ten logo Ten 2013- Network 10 2018
1991–1999 1999–2002 2002–2013 2008–2013 2013–2018 2018–present

Independent Television System


ITS 1965-70

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From 1965 to 1970, Network Ten was known as the Independent Television System. The logo is similar to the then-West German television network Deutsches Fernsehen. In 1967, ITS became the first network in Australia to air in colour.

The 0/10 Network


0-10 Network

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In 1970, the network was renamed The 0/10 Network to reflect the names of the first two stations in the group, ATV-0 Melbourne and TEN-10 Sydney.

Network 10 (first era)


ATV10 1980-84

On 20 January 1980, regional station GLV-10 moved to channel 8, thus allowing ATV Melbourne to change frequencies from 0 to 10. This logo was used to signify the new channel. This logo was used by SAS-10 in Adelaide for a brief period between 1983 and October 1984.

Network Ten (first era)


Ten 1983-88

On 16 January 1983, TEN-10 Sydney adopted this logo, followed by ATV-10 Melbourne on 3 June 1984 and SAS-10 on 19 October 1985. They were all using the same logo – a circle with "TEN" in the centre, somewhat in the style of a neon sign.


Ten 1988-89

Kicking off three years of some upheaval for Network Ten, on 24 January 1988 ATV-10, ADS-10 and TEN-10 all adopted the "X TEN" Roman-numeral logo, followed by NEW-10 in Perth when it began transmission on 20 May, then TVQ-0 which adopted the logo on 10 September when it changed frequency and became Brisbane TEN.

10 TV Australia


Ten logo1989

On 23 July 1989, Network Ten (X TEN) rebranded again to "10 TV Australia" at 7:30pm. Used between 23 July 1989 and late 1990, the first variant featured the capital city’s name at the bottom (example: 10 TV AUSTRALIA BRISBANE as used by TVQ). Used between late 1990 and 13 January 1991, the second variant featured the number 10 and the map of Australia.

Network Ten (second era)


Over the next 27 years, five logo variations of this logo would appear but the wordmark still existed during the mid-2000's.


Ten 1991-99

On 13 January 1991 in conjunction with their "The Entertainment Network" promo, all Ten stations were rebranded to a logo which consisted of a blue circle enclosed in a grey ring, with "ten" written in the centre of the circle in lower case, yellow text.


419532 Ten-logo 2colour-0

A revision on 1 October 1999 saw the colours adjust and the ring changed to be the same colour as the text but first it was used on some ID's between 1995 and 1996. They also relaunched its graphics to the "Electric" style.



Gradients were added into the 1999 logo in February 2002.


Ten logo

This glossy variant of the 1999 logo was launched in January 2008. The 2002 logo continued to be used alongside the 2008 logo until 21 June 2013.


Ten 2013-

The fifth and final variation of the 1991 logo was introduced on 22 June 2013, removing the yellow accent from the ring and lettering, replacing it with light blue and white. A glossy "ball" effect was added.

Network 10 (second era)


Network 10 2018
On 31 October 2018, Ten unveiled a new logo in its first major rebranding since 1991. The new branding replaces the "ten" wordmark with a numeric 10. This logo would come in many colour variants.