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Nestlé Magnolia


Nestle Magnolia Logo

When Nestlé Ice Cream was launched, it was known as Nestlé Magnolia, since San Miguel Corporation (which owned Magnolia before Magnolia merged with Nestle) sold Magnolia, primarily because of two reasons: San Miguel was suffering the Asian financial crisis, and Magnolia lost its position as the country's leading ice cream company to Selecta. Nestlé used its traditional ring and circle logo for its ice cream brand, featuring the Nestlé logo on top of the ring, and the Magnolia text on the circle.

Nestlé Ice Cream


Nestle Ice Cream Logo

When Magnolia was relaunched by San Miguel, the ice cream division was renamed Nestlé Ice Cream. The logo was modified, now featuring the Nestle logo on the circle and on top of the ring, it now features the word "ICE CREAM".


Nestle Ice Cream Logo 2

In 2009, Nestlé modified the ice cream logo, turning the circle into an oval due to a modification in the bottom of the logo.

In 2012 the slogan changed.

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