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Nelvana 1978 Nelvana 1985 Nelvana 1995 Nelvana 2001 Nelvana 2004 Nelvana 2016
1977–2005 1985–2003 1995–2005 2001–2005 2004–2016 2016–present


Nelvana 1978
In 1977, Nelvana made its symbol. This symbol has a white polar bear with black colored edges.


Nelvana 1985
A new logo was unveiled on September 14, 1985. They added more stuff to the 1977 Nelvana logo, including the wordmark in red text, and the 7 yellow stars encircling the polar bear, and the polar bear changed to blue. It was still used on old shows until 1995.


Nelvana 1995 Polar Bear


Nelvana 1995
The logo was updated on December 2, 1995. All the red and yellow colored stuff changed to dark blue colored stuff, except the stars. The 7 stars are white and now are in a dark blue arc. This was used until 2005 along with the 2001 logo.


Nelvana 2001
In 2001, Nelvana made an alternate logo which was used until 2005. Everything was the same, except the wordmark. The text is in a different font now.


Nelvana 2004
A new logo was released on September 7, 2004. The polar bear was improved, the stars and the arc are removed, and the wordmark is in a bold font. This logo is still used in tandem with the logo below as a production logo.


Nelvana 2016
In October 2016, the logo was improved yet again. The polar bear is improved yet again. The text in another font, and it is lower case.