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NBC Red Network NBC 1931 Nbc1943logo NBC 1946 NBC 1952 NBC logo 1954 NBC Peacock 1956
1926–1931 1931–1941 1941–1946 1946–1952 1952–1953 1954–1959 1956–1975
NBC snake logo 1959.svg NBC logo 1975 NBC 1979 logo NBC logo NBC 2011 NBC 2014 Indent Style
1959–1975 1976–1979 1979–1986 1986–2011 2011–2013 2013–present




NBC 1931




NBC 1946


NBC 1952


YouTube: NBC chime ident (1954)On January 1, 1954, a xylophone and mallet started being used for the logo, with the now-iconic three tone "GEC" jingle. Contrary to popular belief, the keys were not meant to represent the initials of the network's eventual owner, General Electric Company (GEC).


NBC Peacock 1956

On May 22, 1956, NBC started using a new logo for their color programming. The first logo showed the "wire" feathers of the peacock fanning out into color feathers (colored in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet), accompanied by a majestic orchestral tune. The original peacock is a lucky find today. In 1962, the network changed the logo, and this new variant was known by many as the "Laramie Peacock." It was shown on a kaleidoscopic background as a softer, woodwind-based, tune played, while the NBC peacock fanned its feathers and then transformed into the logo from before. This logo was accompanied by a voiceover which narrated, "The following program is brought to you in living color on NBC."


NBC Logo 1959

By 1959, a new logo, dubbed the "NBC snake," rendered the chimes obsolete. This logo is most famous for its vanity cards (also dubbed the "NBC Snake") that appeared at the end of programs NBC produced during this period.


NBC Penguin

This logo was created only for NBC's network premiere of A Hard Day's Night.


NBC logo 1975

This NBC logo, nicknamed the Trapezoid N, was short-lived. The logo was first unveiled on October 1975 and premiered on-air January 1, 1976.

In 1976, a lawsuit was issued by a public television broadcaster in Nebraska named Nebraska Educational Telecommunications for potential copyright issues. The new NBC logo was virtually identical to the Nebraska ETV Network logo, except for the blue coloring in the right trapezoid of the NBC logo. An out-of-court settlement was reached in which NBC donated $800,000 worth of new equipment to Nebraska ETV, including a color mobile unit. It also paid Nebraska ETV $55,000 to cover the cost of designing and implementing a new logo. In return, NBC was allowed to keep the "N" logo.


NBC 1979
The Proud N logo with the "N" behind it.

The peacock returned, this time to stay, in this logo, which is shown with (above) and without (below) the stylized "N," and with the color green replaced with indigo. The version without the "N" was rarely seen after 1980. The network had, by this time, decided to take a new approach in its programming to introduce the slogan, "NBC - Proud As A Peacock!" It is nicknamed the "Proud N."

YouTube: The NBC "Proud As A Peacock" campaign, which restored the peacock logo, ran this promotional video on the network's stations.



NBC 1986

A new simplified logo, created by Chermayeff & Geismar, was launched on May 12, 1986. The peacock now has 6 feathers in the colors yellow, orange, red, violet, blue, and green. The peacock is now facing the right and a wordmark was added to the logo. This logo would go on to be the longest used for the company.


NBC 2011

In May 2011, NBC altered and modified their logo slightly to feature bevels and gradients on it. Other aspects of the 2009 graphics package remained intact.


NBC 2014 Indent Style

In April 2013, NBC altered and modified their 3D logo. The wordmark has a different font.


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