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MySpace logo


Myspace logo 2010

In early October 2010, MySpace (now capitalized as Myspace according to the press release) revealed an upcoming logo, which replaces the word "space" with an actual space. [1][2][3][4]

The new logo was launched on October 27, along with an overhaul of the Myspace website.

Myspace logo filled out

The bracket after the word "my" can be filled with various creative images. There is also one version of the logo where the word "space" is written out inside the bracket.

This logo placed 9th in the 2010 Brand New Awards.[1][2][3][4][5]


Myspace 2012

Under Specific Media and Justin Timberlake, Myspace revealed another corporate identity and web layout on September 24, 2012. The logo borrows from the popular logo used 2004-2010. Notice the use of a single-story 'ɑ' instead of the double-story 'a'.

Myspace icon


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