July 1,1996-13 Feb.2000

Муз-ТВ 1

What made this logo ubiquitous, was that on-screen, the letters were showing on all directions (except for middle down, middle left and middle right).The logo without the wave was covering the corners of the screen.(used 1996-1997,1997-2000). The original logo was used on July 1st 1996-30 November 1996 and 9 June 1997-14 Aug.1997


Муз-ТВ 2
The waves was still revived but without the letters,and there was 3 waves instead of 1.


Latest (27)

A different type of the logo was introduced in 2002, retaining the 2000 logo but white in a red ball.

Sep.7 2003-31 Aug,2005

Latest (28)

A short overhaul of the 2002 logo was done in 2003.The 2000 logo was snapped out and the 'TV' word is in the ball. The logo is no longer 3D anymore.


1 Sep.2005-Aug.2006

640 (9)

The type of the logo changed. MY3TB text with 5 stars representing the letter numbers of the logo.



A short overhaul on the 2005 logo was done.The logo was still standing while a couple of things changed. The logo's word is snapped to the edge.And nothing was inside in the text.The stars became smaller.


Sep.2006-March 2007

Latest (29)

A new logo was introduced in 2006. 3 blobby letters with TB word.


Latest (30)

A short overhaul on the 2006 logo was done. Got rid of TB word,and the logo became 2D.


Latest (31)

Again, a short overhaul on the 2006 logo was done in 2007. The text got tidy,and replaced like a ball.


Latest (32)

The 2007 logo eventually formed into a sphere. A sphere holding up 3 letters of the logo.


September 2008-February 2010


Muz-TV in 2008 introduced a completely different logo type. The equalizer is 7 columns long and it resembles a letter M but without the bottom holes.

February 2010-Jan.2011

Муз-ТВ (2010-2011)

A complete overhaul of the logo was made in 2010: the equalizer now was shortened to only 5 bars, and the colors aren't repetitive, plus the font was edged up and the U letter didn't have a hinge.

Jan.-May 2011

Муз-ТВ (2011)

The logo became bold and the text became grey.

May 2011-9 September 2013

Муз-ТВ (2011-2013)

The balls are 3D and the text got a gradient between black and dark grey.

9 September 2013-17th February 2015

Муз-ТВ (2013-н.в.)

The channel reverted to the 2011 logo, but the text was black.The channel only used all celebration icons instead of just logo.


Муз-ТВ (31.12.2014)

This was used for the period of the Holidays season of 2014.Looks like the logo of 2011- noting that text is light grey and it's not 3D.

17th February 2015-present

Муз-ТВ 11

A big change occured on this logo: the text changed font again,like a combination of 2008 and 2010 logo's text,because U letter has a hinge,the balls became smaller and had more space between others and yellow and pink swapped place.

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