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ELEVEN-SEVENTY (1993-2002)

Eleven Seventy (1994)
The service for High Wycombe started out on 1170AM (hence the name). In 2001, the licence was re-advertised and re-awarded to the incumbent who chose of make the move to FM.

SWAN FM (2002-2004)

SWAN FM (2002)

On New Years Day 2002, the service commenced on FM under the name Swan FM. Why this name? The local football club (Wycombe Wanderers) are known as the Swans.

MIX FM (2004-2009)


MIX 107 (2004)

After becoming part of The Local Radio Company, the station was re-named to MIX 107, bringing it in-line with the neighbouring service Mix 96.


MIX 107 (2008)

The station closed at 10am on July 1st 2009 just ahead of the parent company being bought out.

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