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Office95 Office97 MS Office 2000 Logo Microsoft Office XP
Office 95 Office 97 Office 2000 Office XP
Office03 MicrosoftOffice2007 Office2010 Microsoft Office 2013
Office 2003 Office 2007 Office 2010 Office 2013/2016

Microsoft Office 95 (1995–1997)


Microsoft Office 97 (1997–2000)


Microsoft Office 2000 (1999–2001)

MS Office 2000 Logo

Microsoft Office XP (2001–2003)

Microsoft Office XP

Microsoft Office 2003 (2003–2007)

Office 2003

In 2003, the assembled Puzzle pieces were replaced with a new logo that displayed 4 squares.

This logo, along with the Windows logo in Vista and 7 and the 2000 MSN logo still appears in the Microsoft Update page in Vista, albeit without the "2003" designation.

Microsoft Office 2007 (2007–2010)


The font-type on the word "Office" is no longer bold.

Microsoft Office 2010 (2010–2013)


The logo used yellow-orange instead of red, blue, yellow, and green.

Microsoft Office 2013/2016 (2012–present)

Microsoft Office 2013

With the rise of Office 2013, the logo was changed to match the new modern design language. This logo was originally revealed in June 2012. The word ¨Microsoft¨ is removed from the logo but it is still known as Microsoft Office. This is used on future Office releases from this period on.


Microsoft Office 95-XP (1995–2003)

Office logo (Pre-2003)

Microsoft Office 2003-2007 (2003–2010)

Beta (Late 2002–Early 2003; 11.0.4523.4)


Was used in Office 2003 beta 1 version 11.0.4523.4 (at that time called simply "Office 11"), mainly in the installer. Other parts of the interface used the previous logo.


Microsoft Office 2007 (2007–2010)


Microsoft Office 2010 (2010–2013)


Microsoft Office 2013 and 2015 (2012–present)

Microsoft Office 2013 logo

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