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Microsoft (1975) Microsoft (1980) Microsoft (1982) Microsoft (1987) Microsoft (2012)
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Microsoft (1975)

Introduced on April 4, 1975.


Microsoft (1980)

Introduced on May 1, 1980.


Microsoft (1982)

Introduced on August 26, 1982.


Microsoft (1987)

Microsoft launched its most well-known logo on January 5, 1987, and since then, has been cherished by many. It was dropped on August 22, 2012, but it's still used on older products and some portals (most notably the Windows/Microsoft Update website in Windows XP, the Microsoft Update site in Windows Vista, and the documentation page for Windows XP Professional, and some others, just to name a few). It was created by Scott Baker.

"The new logo, in Helvetica italic typeface, has a slash between the o and s to emphasize the "soft" part of the name and convey motion and speed."

Although this logo is no longer being used as of 2012, it is currently being used as a secondary logo and still used along Windows 7, Office 2010, Xbox 360 and older Microsoft products.


Microsoft (2012)

Introduced on August 23, 2012, Microsoft's most notable logo was retired and a new logo was commissioned. The new logo also includes four squares with the colors of the then-current Windows logo. Although this logo is, however, not completely new, a similar one was featured in Windows 95 commercials from the mid-90s.

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