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Micro Machines: The Original Scale Miniatures (called either "Micro Machines" or simply "The Micros") are a line of toys originally made by Galoob (now part of Hasbro) in the mid-1980s and throughout the 1990s. Galoob licensed the idea behind Micro Machines from Clem Heeden, a toy inventor from Wisconsin. Micro Machines were tiny scale component style "playsets" and vehicles that were slightly larger than N scale. Although Micro Machines were not sold in the United States for some years, newer models are available in the UK, Europe and outlets in the US now also once again sell Micro Machines.


1986-1987 (First logo-first variant with "The Original Miniatures" wording)
1986-1988 (First logo-second variant with "Authentic Scale Miniatures" wording)
1986-1988 (First logo-third variant with Yellow background color of wings,instead of chrome)
1988-1992 (Second and official logo-first and second variant)
MM Logo2


1992-2000 (Third official logo)
Micro Machines logo
1999 (Third logo with "MicroWorld" wording below)
MM Logo4
MM Logo5
MM Logo6
2005 (A temporary logo before restoring the previous logo)
MM Logo7



The new Micro Machines logo it appears for the first time on the occasion of the last Star Wars movie. With the Release of the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Hasbro release a new set of Themed Micro Machines.

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