McLaren Honda is a Formula One constructor, founded by Bruce McLaren in 1963 and debuted in 1966.

Bruce McLaren Motor Racing Team


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"McLaren crest" was designed by Michael Turner in 1964. Kiwi appeared on this logo because it is a national bird of New Zealand, birthplace of Bruce McLaren, founder of the team.


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In 1965 the "crest" evolved to infamous "Speedy Kiwi", more stylized version of the bird. It used until 1970s. It came back as alternate when team ownership was changed on 2017.

Yardley Team McLaren

1972-1974, 2017-present (Alternate)

In 1972 McLaren get a first main sponsor - purveyor of soap and perfumes, Yardley. The logo wasn't changed.

Marlboro Team McLaren

1974-1988, 1988-1997 (Alternate)

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In 1974 McLaren changed sponsor to Marlboro cigarettes. On a new logo seen McLaren wordmark with black and red chevrons above, the Kiwi was removed. logo used as alternate until Marlboro sponsorship not ended.

Marlboro Team Texaco


Only for 1976 season the team dropped "McLaren" from the name. Logo wasn't changed.

Honda Marlboro McLaren


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On 1980s McLaren get new engine supplier, Honda and new director, Ron Dennis, the owner of Formula 2 team Project Four Racing. The result was merging with F2 team and new car name prefix, "MP4/" (short for "Marlboro Project Four"). New logo was a wordmark with chevron.

Marlboro McLaren

1993 (Alternate)

Screenshot 19

On 1993 team changed name, because of end of Honda engine supplying. New logo featured a Marlboro's underlined wordmark and chevron.

Marlboro McLaren Peugeot

1994 (Alternate)

Screenshot 20

In 1994 McLaren used Peugeot engines. On new logo was underlined Marlboro's McLaren's and Peugeot's wordmarks.

Marlboro McLaren Mercedes


In 1995 McLaren began to use Mercedes-Benz engines. They used normal 1988 logo.

West McLaren Mercedes


Screenshot 22

In 1997 longest ever sponsorship deal in Formula 1 history ended, McLaren moved from Marlboro to West, another tobacco company. On new logo chevron was redesigned as swooshy speedmark to not assosiate it with Marlboro.

Team McLaren Mercedes



In 2006 tobacco sponsorship in sport was banned and McLaren lost their main sponsor. "West" on team name was changed to "Team", but not used in logo, swoosh logo got minor changes.

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes


Screenshot 23

In 2007 McLaren found new sponsor - Vodafone. On new logo swoosh disappeared, Vodafone wordmark painted red and McLaren Mercedes wordmark painted silver.

McLaren Mercedes


In 2014 McLaren lost main sponsor again and they brought back normal 2006 logo.

McLaren Honda



In 2015 they back to Honda engines.On new logo they changed the font on wordmark. Main sponsor still missing.


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In 2017 McLaren announced Renault as engine supplier for 2018.