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McDonald's Famous Barbecue


McDonald's Real 1st Logo 1940

McDonald's was founded in 1940. It was originally called McDonald's Famous Barbecue.

McDonald's Famous Hamburgers


McDonald's Logo 1948

It was renamed McDonald's Famous Hamburgers in 1948.



1st logo

This logo used Speedee instead of Ronald McDonald from the opening of the company's first franchising outlets to when it phased out.


McDonald's 1960 Logo (No Circle)

This logo referenced McDonald's iconic architecture of the era as designed by Stanley Meston, a roof line higher in front than in back, flanked by a pair of illuminated golden arches. The "M" formed by the arches would define the company's logo throughout the ensuing decades.


McDonald's 1968

This logo references the signature architecture of double mansard-roofed restaurants (replacing the red-and-white tile buildings that had the Golden Arches). This logo is still used on some of the windows, doors, outside signs, the rug, and drive-thru signs at some of the locations.



This logo is similar to the previous one, but it has a red tube behind the logo. This can still be seen on some flags, some in-restaurant signs, and trash cans. This logo also appears on the McDonald's commercials that aired in 1984-1990 with slogan "It's the good time for the great taste", in 1988-1990 with slogan "Good Time, Great Taste", in 1990-1991 with slogan "Food, Folks & Fun", in 1991-1992 with slogan "McDonald's Today" and some commercials that aired in 1992-1995 with slogan "What you want is what to get". This logo is used on the exit signs. This is the real version of the current logo


McDonald's window logo 1976

A glass version of the 1975 McDonald's logo appeared on the windows of newer McDonald's restaurants from 1976 - Present"Forever Young" rebrand. This logo is still on windows in some US restaurants and on the windows of newer restaurants in Canada.


Mcdonalds logo

This logo appears on the McDonald's commercials that aired in 1992-1997 with slogan "What you want is what to get" and in 1995-1997 with slogan "Have you had a break today?". This logo is typically used for signage.


McDonald's 2006

This logo first appeared on metallic frames at McDonald's restaurants in 1993. It was used on McDonald's websites from 1996 until 1999, the McKids logo from 1994 until 2001, on small fry packets internationally from 2004 until 2010, and on medium and large fry packets from 2004 until 2007. This logo is still used on metal frames and picture frames at some restaurants.


McDonalds logo 1997

This logo appears on the McDonald's commercials that aired in 1997-2000 with the slogan "Did Somebody Say McDonald's?".


Mcdonalds logo 2000

This logo was introduced when the standard color of the mansard roof for their restaurants was changed from brown to red and appears on the McDonald's commercials that aired in 2000-2003 with slogan "We love to see you smile". This logo is still in use on foil bags sold at McDonald's locations inside many Wal-Mart stores, which was also done for the 2001 logo.


Mcdonalds logo 2001

This logo appears on the McDonald's commercials that aired in 2001-2003 with slogan "Smile". This logo is still in use on bags which the 2000 McDonald's logo was still used on today.



In September 2003, McDonald's modified its logo and changed their slogan to "i'm lovin' it" and removed the "McDonald's" word in the middle to simply redesigned golden arches. Variants with Bah-Dah-Bah-Bah-Bah (2003-2007) and without Bah-Dah-Bah-Bah-Bah (2008-2014).


McDonald's Golden Arches

As part of the first restaurant redesign for decades, called 'Forever Young', the logo was redesigned. The red background is occasionally used and the lettering is now used seperately to the 'Golden Arches'. This is used on a McDonald's website and promotions.

For slogans, see McDonald's/Other.

Current brands:

Big Mac | Big N' Tasty | Chicken McDo (Philippines) | Chicken McNuggets | Cinnamon Melts | Filet-O-Fish | Fried Chicken (Indonesia) | GCB (Malaysia) | Happy Meal | McBifana (Portugal) | McCafé | McChicken | McSpaghetti (Philippines) | McSpicy (Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines) | PlayPlace

Defunct brands: Arch Deluxe | Hearth Express | McKids | McPizza

McDonald's Golden Arches

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