1991–2006 (secondary use until 2010)


This logo was first introduced to Indonesians people when McDonald's opened its first Indonesian restaurant in February 1991. With this logo, many Indonesian people called the restaurant "McD" (mac-dee) rather than "McDonald's".



In late September 2003, McDonald's Indonesia introduces the "I'm lovin' it" slogan. This logo is no longer used as of 2010, after packaging redesign, but the "I'm lovin' it" text still remained in the bottom of the 2006 logo.


McDonald's Golden Arches

As part of the first restaurant redesign for decades, called 'Forever Young', the logo was redesigned.

Slogan graphics



The slogan used in Indonesia at that time is "Manalagi selain di McD..." (in Indonesian means: "Where else but McDonald's...") rather than the North American slogans "Did somebody say McDonald's?" (1997-2000) and "We love to see you smile" (2000-2003). During this time, Reza Artamevia also sung the McDonald's song for this campaign. This slogan was phased out in 2003 when McDonald's introduced the "I'm lovin' it" campaign and slogan, although the song was brought back for 2015 only, sung by Maliq and D'essentials in commemoration of McDonald's Indonesia's 25th anniversary.


I'm Lovin' It slogan 2003

In 2003, McDonald's launched the "I'm lovin' it" campaign and slogan that used globally, also in Indonesia. As of now, this slogan still in use.


Mcdonalds 2006


Mcdonalds commercial screenshot