This shows a man in a red background using a ladder, climbing it, and cleaning the 1968 logo until it shines. After the arches shine, the man goes behind the logo, grabs his ladder, and hides.



McDonald's USA website logo 2004 early version

Just an enhanced version of the 2003 logo.


Mcd arch 04

The same as before, except the slogan was now added below.


Mcd 2010

The logo was placed on a half red/half dark-red background, and the bright yellow enhancement was gone. Instead, it was replaced with a white shine on top of the arches. Also, the (R) symbol on the arches was now smaller and became yellow. The same symbol near the slogan is now bigger and more visible. The font is also thicker and the "i'm" and "lovin" parts are less spaced.

2013-Late 2014

Mcdonald 2013

Same as before, except that the white shine was now gone.

Late 2014-present

Mcd app

The color shade was changed on the arches, and the arches are bigger. the slogan "i'm lovin' it" is gone. The background changed to red. The shadow is also thinner.