Cup finals

From the 1926 FA Cup Final until the 2011 FA Cup Final, Manchester City shirts were adorned with the coat of arms of the city of Manchester for cup finals.

Manchester city crest


This logo was used as a corporate logo in the 1960s before being used on kits.

Manchester City FC logo (1970-1972)


Manchester City FC logo (1972-1976, 1981-1997)


Manchester city crest


Manchester City FC logo (1972-1976, 1981-1997)


Manchester City FC logo


Manchester City 2016

On 26 December 2015, Manchester City revealed their new badge to fans prior to the Boxing Day game against Sunderland AFC.

The badge, which has been described as a 'modern original', follows a 30-day consultation period, during which thousands of Manchester City fans fed back to the club as to whether, and if so how, they wanted the badge to evolve.

The badge returns to a round design, as used in two of the Club's three previous crests, and takes inspiration from other City Football Group owned teams including, New York City FC, and Melbourne City FC.