Magnum logo old

This logo was used from 1989 when the Magnum ice cream was introduced: the first and the last M are bigger than the other letters, all white with a brown line around it. This is the logo all the other ones until 2014 are based on.


Magnum logo 2003

The logo was altered slightly in 2003 when the Heartbrand companies made an overall update of their image. This one is based on the previous logo, that now becomes three dimensional and less sharp.


Magnum logo 2006

Magnum received and overall update of its identity in 2006, including a new logo and new packages. The logo is now golden, with a different font, and thinner than before. The two Ms are now specular. At the same time, the Magnum "seal" was introduced, with a stamped "M" on the side of each ice cream.[1] It was still used on some advertisements in Indonesia and other countries.



In 2011 the packaging of Magnum received a design uptate, now tidyer and more modern. Since 2012 the packs have the Rainforrest Alliance logo on.


Magnum logo-2-

With the celebration of the 25th anniversary Magnum changes its logo, leaving the laying line followed since then. The new logo is based on the letter M, put on the centre of a brown shaded circle, with the word Magnum smaller, under the M. The previous logo was still used in Indonesia and other countries along with this logo.