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1985-1986 (pre-launch)

Logos tv3 tv6 5
M6's history dates back to 1986 when CLT announced that they are going to launch a new terrestrial television channel in France called RTL6. However, the name and its logo are currently unknown.

TV6 France

1986-March 1987

On 28 January 1986, RTL6 was resurrected as TV6 France and replaced its pre-launch logo by the channel's first logo. With it, the channel was launched on 1 March 1986, but its first logo were short-lived.


March-June 1987

Metropole Television 1986
On 1 March 1987, TV6 France was closed down and were replaced by a new channel called M6. Its first logo was a 3D-animated "M" coloured blue with a red "6" appear to the right in the middle of it. This logo is also short-lived.

June-September 1987

On 1 June 1987, M6 slightly remodified its network logo by making the red "6" become more abstract with the blue "M" grows more bigger thus the "Metropole Television" is removed from the logo, but the logo are still short-lived too.

September 1987-1999

M6 1987 logo
On 1 September 1987, M6 introduced a new logo which was not short-lived, as the channel replaced its original logo in favour of a new logo which consists of an abstract "M" coloured grey with the red "6" is now placed on the top at the middle of the grey "M" by having a new set of idents and also a new theme music to the set.


M6 logo 1997
On 1 September 1999, M6 changed its logo for the first time of 12 years as the "M" changes its color from color to grey with the "6" tuning up its red color to coincide with the start of the 1999/2000 season.


On 14 February 2003, M6's 1999 logo became 3D except the black "M" which gets solid black and the red "6" becomes solid pink. At the same time, the logo can also be seen in 2D with various colors.



On 6 March 2007, M6's 1999 logo were slightly modified again, this time it changes into 4D with the black "M" becomes cosmo dark and the red "6" turns rose pink. With it, a new set of idents were launched onto the set to coincide with M6's 20th anniversary.


M6 logo new
On November 30, 2009, M6 unveiled another new logo that shows the black "M" changing its color into its old color of basic grey including the red "6" which recolours its pallette into strawberry-red. At the preparation of the rebrand, a new look was introduced for the channel and it was created by the French motion design studio View.


M6 logo in the cory in the house logo s colors by lukesamsthesecond-db0hv1s

On 16 November 2015, M6 modified its 2009 logo, thus the "M" turns into teal with the "6" turns into pure-red. The new logo was launched in honour of the victims of the Paris attacks.