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Radio Romance


Radio Romance Logo

ABS-CBN Started in 1987 with The Radio Romance brand  being used in Manila and Davao. But the first and only Logo in the 80s The Manila station, named DWRR-FM and Davao Station DXRR-FM, was given the chance to have its own branding. The Radio Romance brand continued being used until 1996 while Davo until 1994, when the station relaunched as WR.R 101.9.

Star Radio


Star radio

ABS-CBN using the Star Radio brand in 1994 for regional FM stations, dropping the Radio Romance branding which was used prior to the brand's launching. The Manila station, named DWRR-FM, was given the chance to have its own branding. The Radio Romance brand continued being used until 1996, when the station relaunched as WR.R 101.9.



Abs cbn radio

On 1997, some of the regional Star Radio stations were rebranded as ABS-CBN Radio: Heart of the City. Other stations, however, did remain under the Star Radio brand.



Abs cbn fm

99, ABS-CBN Radio stations rebranded as ABS-CBN FM. This logo, however, ended consequently in 2000, in line with the unveiling of ABS-CBN's new logo.


Abs cbn fm 2

The logo was modified following ABS-CBN's new logo unveiling.

M.O.R.: My Only Radio For Life!


Mor logo old

Following the merger of the two brands, the M.O.R. branding was created. The original logo had an orange radio with a pink M, a blue R, a circle with ABS-CBN's RGB color, a script-like For Life! wordmark, and ABS-CBN's logo.


Logo mor

The logo was given a makeover in 2005, replacing some of the first logo's elements with an RGB oval with a Hand of Sean M and R, and the For Life tagline colored in yellow. the circle with ABS-CBN's RGB colors, was also retained, the ABS-CBN logo was discarded, and this was also the first logo to incorporate a set of headphones.



Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 8.54.22 AM

M.O.R. unveiled a new logo in 2013 together with the relaunch of DWRR-FM (formerly Tambayan 101.9 prior to the rebranding) as MOR For Life 101.9 Manila, completely ending the station's chance of using its own branding. The new logo incorporated a completely modified version of the headphones in the logo, a new blue explosion in the background, a new, crazier version of the M and R letters, a slightly jumbled version of the "For Life!" slogan in Ackbar font, a new grey circle holding the distinct symbol of ABS-CBN (which likewise signified the return of the ABS-CBN logo to the MOR logo, this time without the square and text) and the legal name of the regional-turned-national network (also in Ackbar), making it the first logo in the network's history to incorporate its own legal name. Starting in 2014, the ABS-CBN symbol was removed, and replaced with a red circle (representing an album disc or a record button). The byline "AN ABS-CBN STATION", with the 2014 ABS-CBN logotype, is added.

The logo shown above is the corporate logo of the network and is also used in the stations of the network, with the legal name of the network being replaced with the station's frequency and a rotated red rectangle with the name of the region/city where the station broadcasts from.

ABS-CBN Corporation

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International channels: ANC Global | Bro | Cinema One Global | Myx TV | TFC

Radio stations:

AM stations: DZMM (Manila) | DYAB (Cebu) | DXAB (Davao) | DYAP (Palawan)

FM stations: DWRR (MOR 101.9 Manila) | M.O.R.: My Only Radio

Telecommunications and digital media:

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1Joint venture with Globe Telecom.


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