Chat moderators monitor the chat and are able to ban users who violate any policies in the chat. This includes users who threaten other users or spam the chat. The following chart lists current chat moderators on Logopedia. Note that all administrators have the same abilities as Chat moderators, and can be contacted for issues regarding the chat along with the below users.

Chat moderator abilities

Chat moderators can:

  • Kick users from the chat, meaning that they will be removed from the chat. Kicked users can re-enter the chat at any time. Kicking usually serves as a warning.
  • Ban users from the chat. Banned chat users can no longer write in the chat for the amount of time specified by the moderator. Users banned from the chat can still contribute to the wiki and does not block the user or remove any rights.

How do I use chat moderator powers?

See Help:Chat.

Becoming a chat moderator

To become a chat moderator, go to any administrator's talk page and request to become one. You should be active on the wiki and in the chat, having no previous bans from the chat. When requesting, provide a valid reason as to why you should be given the abilities.

How do I know who is a chat moderator?

When in the chat, a star will be next to any chat moderator's name in the list of users in the chat.