1958 - 197?

Little chef 1

197? - 1996

Little chef 3


1996 - 2001


2001 - 2009


The logo was modernised as part of the 'New Choices' makeover in 2001.


Little Chef planned to use a 'Slim Charlie' in 2004 but went unused following complaints.

2004 - 2005

Littlechef 2002

In 2004, Permira, the owners of Little Chef at the time, introduced a new handwriting style logo. This identity was only rolled out to a handful of sites and was never the official logo. When Permira sold Little Chef in 2005, the logo stopped being used at new sites.

2009 - 2011

Little Chef 2009 Logo

The logo was significantly altered in 2009. 'Charlie' now wears a proper Chef's Jacket and the tray he holds had been made a lot smaller. Although this was the official logo for four years, only two branches received the new branding: York and Kettering.

2011 - 2016

Little Chef 2011

In 2011, Little Chef finally refurbished more of its restaurants as part of its 'Wonderfully British' makeover. The logo was changed completely for the first time in decades, especially the words 'Little Chef" which is now written in a handwriting style. 'Charlie' has been slightly slimmed down and wears a different hat, he no longer carries a tray of any kind and he is more detailed than before.

This logo placed 8th in the 2011 Brand New Awards.

2016 - 2018


In 2018, Euro Garages licence to use the Little Chef brand name expired. Branches yet to be closed or converted to other brands such as Starbucks were rebranded as EG Diners.