List of radio stations in Metro Manila (FM Radio)

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FM stations

  • DWJM Jam 88.3 (Raven Broadcasting Corporation)
  • DWAV Wave 89.1 (Blockbuster Broadcasting System)
  • DWTM Magic 89.9 (Quest Broadcasting Inc.)
  • DZMB 90.7 Love Radio (Manila Broadcasting Company)
  • DWKY 91.5 Win Radio (Mabuhay Broadcasting System)
  • DWFM Radyo5 92.3 News FM (TV5 Network, Inc. and Nation Broadcasting Corporation)
  • DWRX Monster RX 93.1 (Audiovisual Communicators, Inc. a Mareco Broadcasting Network, Inc. affiliated)
  • DWKC 93.9 iFM (Radio Mindanao Network)
  • DWLL Mellow 94.7 (FBS Radio Network, Inc.)
  • DWDM Pinas FM 95.5 (Eagle Broadcasting Corporation)
  • DWRK 96.3 Easy Rock (Cebu Broadcasting Company)
  • DWLS Barangay LS 97.1 (GMA Network, Inc.)
  • DWQZ 97.9 Home Radio (Aliw Broadcasting Corporation)
  • DZFE 98.7 The Master's Touch (Far East Broadcasting Company)
  • DZRJ RJFM 100.3 (Rajah Broadcasting Network)
  • DWYS 101.1 Yes! FM (Pacific Broadcasting Systems)
  • DWRR MOR 101.9 For Life (ABS-CBN Corporation)
  • DWSM 102.7 Star FM (Peoples Broadcasting Service)
  • DWKX 103.5 K Lite (Advanced Media Broadcasting System)
  • DWBR 104.3 Business Radio (Philippine Broadcasting Service)
  • DWBM 105.1 Crossover (Mareco Broadcasting Network, Inc.)
  • DWLA Retro 105.9 DCG FM (Brightstar Broadcasting Network)
  • DWET 106.7 Energy FM (Ultrasonic Broadcasting System)
  • DWNU Wish 107.5 (Progressive Broadcasting Corporation)

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