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Davao City FM Radio Station

FM Stations

Frequency Name Company Website Format Call Sign Power Live Stream Covered Location
88.3 FM 88.3 Energy FM Davao Ultrasonic Broadcasting System Inc. Hot AC, CHR, OPM DXDR 10 KW [1] Davao City
89.1 FM Magic 89.1 Davao Quest Broadcasting Inc. CHR Top 40 DXBE 10 KW Davao City
89.9 FM 89.9 Spirit FM Global Broadcasting Systems

(Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Davao)

Gospel DXGN 10 KW Davao City
90.7 FM 90.7 Love Radio Davao Manila Broadcasting Company Contemporary Hit Radio, oldiess DXBM 20 KW Davao City
91.5 FM 91.5 Brigada News FM Brigada Mass Media Corporation Hot AC, News/talk DXKX 10 KW Metro Davao
92.3 FM Wild 92.3 WT UM Broadcasting Network Wild 92.3 WT Music Top 40 CHR OPM DXWT 20 KW [2] Davao City
93.1 FM 93.1 Crossover Davao Mareco Broadcasting Network, Inc. [3] Smooth Jazz, Rhythm And Blues, New standards, Bossa Nova, Chill Out Music DXLR 5 KW [4] Davao City
93.9 FM 93.9 iFM Davao Radio Mindanao Network Hot AC DXXL 20 KW [5] Davao City
94.7 FM 94.7 One Radio FBS Radio Network Inc. / Rizal Memorial Colleges Broadcasting Corporation Easy Listening, Soft Rock, Adult Contemporary DXLL 10 KW Davao City
95.5 FM 95.5 Classic Hit Radio ACWS - United Broadcasting Network /

UM Broadcasting Network

[6] Music Classic Hits DXKR 10 KW Davao City
96.3 FM 96.3 Star FM Bombo Radyo Philippines /

Consolidated Broadcasting System, Inc.

[7] OPM, Pop, Greatest Hits DXFX 10 KW [8] Davao City
97.1 FM Oomph! Radio 97.1 Ultimate Entertainment / Viva Live CHR Top 40, OPM, DXUR 10 KW [9] Davao City
97.9 FM 97.9 Mom's Radio Southern Broadcasting Network Variety, CHR Top 40, OPM, Blocktimes, DXSS 20 KW Davao City
98.7 FM 98.7 Home Radio Davao Aliw Broadcasting Corporation [10] Music CHR Top 40 DXQM 10 KW Metro Davao
99.5 FM Monster Radio BT 99.5 Audiovisual Communicators, Inc. [11] CHR/Top 40 DXBT 10 KW Davao City
100.3 FM RJFM 100.3 Davao Rajah Broadcasting Network [12] Oldies, Classic hits DXDJ 20 KW Davao City
101.1 FM MOR 101.1 For Life! ABS-CBN Corporation Music DXRR 10 KW [13] Davao City
101.9 FM Radyo5 101.9 News FM Davao Nation Broadcasting Corporation [14] News, Talk, DXFM 25 KW Davao City
103.5 FM Barangay 103.5 Nindota-ah! Davao GMA Network GMA Network Music DXRV 10 KW Davao City
104.3FM 104.3 The Edge Radio Davao FM United Christian Broadcasters 104.3FM The Edge Radio Davao Music DXMA 10 KW Tune in Davao City
105.1 FM 105.1 Easy Rock Davao Manila Broadcasting Company &

Cebu Broadcasting Company

Soft Rock DXYS 25 KW Davao City
105.9 FM 105.9 Balita FM Oriental Mindoro Management Resources Corporation & Real Radio Network [15] News/Talk DXMX 10 KW [16] Davao City
107.5 FM 107.5 Win Radio Davao Progressive Broadcasting Corporation / One Radio Management [17] Hot AC / OPM DXNU 25 KW [18] Davao City
Davao radiofm

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