List of AM Radio Stations in Isabela province

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AM Stations

  • DWRH DZRH Nationwide 648 kHz (Manila Broadcasting Company)
  • DZYI Sonshine Radio 711 kHz (Sonshine Media Network International)
  • DZNC Bombo Radyo 801 kHz (Newsounds Broadcasting Network)
  • DWSI Sonshine Radio 864 kHz (Sonshine Media Network International)
  • DZEO Radyo Agila 1071 kHz (Eagle Broadcasting Corporation)
  • 1143 DZMR Mission Radio (Far East Broadcasting Company)
  • DWET Life Radio 1179 kHz (End Time Mission Broadcasting System)
  • DZCS Super Radyo 1224 kHz (Radio GMA Network)
  • DZUO Abante News Radio 1539 kHz (Mareco Broadcasting Network and Monica Publishing Corporation) Soon

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