List of AM Radio Stations in Davao City

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Davao am radio

AM Stations

Frequency Name Company Website Format Call Sign Power Live Stream Covered Location
576 AM Bombo Radyo Davao Bombo Radyo Philippines [1] News, Public Commentary DXMF 10 kW [2] Davao City
621 AM DXDC 621 RMN Davao Radio Mindanao Network; News, Commentary, Drama DXDC 10 kW [3] Davao City
648 AM Veritas 648 Radyo Totoo Catholic Media Network/Global Broadcasting System News, Public Affairs-Talk, Religious Broadcasting DXHM 10 kW Davao City
675 AM DXRP Radyo ng Bayan 675 Philippine Broadcasting Service News, Public Affairs, Entertainment DXRP 15 kW Davao City
711 AM DXRD Sonshine Radio Davao Sonshine Media Network International [4] Music News, Public affairs DXRD 15 kW Davao City
783 AM Radyo Ni Juan 783 Khz Rizal Memorial Colleges Broadcasting Corporation News, Music Public Service Information DXRA 10 kW Davao City
819 AM Radyo Ukay 819 Khz UM Broadcasting Network Music News DXUM 10 kW Davao City
855 AM Aksyon Radyo Davao 855 Khz Manila Broadcasting Company Music News, Drama DXGO 10 kW Davao City
900 AM El-Nuevo Bantay Radyo Davao Southern Broadcasting Network / Bantay Radyo News, Music Public Service DXIP 10 kW Davao City
981 AM Radyo Asenso Davao 981 Khz Radio Corporation of the Philippines News, Public Service Information DXOW 20 kW Davao City
1017 AM Radyo Rapido Diyes Disisyete (Rapid Radio) Kalayaan Broadcasting System Music News, DXAM 10 kW Davao City
1071 AM DXKT Radyo Ronda 1071 Davao Radio Philippines Network News, Public Service Information DXKT 10 kW Davao City
1125 AM Super Radyo DXGM 1125 GMA Network News, Commentary, Talk radio DXGM 11 KW [5] Davao City
1197 AM 1197 DXFE The Good News Radio Far East Broadcasting Company [6] News, Public affairs, Music, Religious Broadcasting DXFE 10 KW [7] Davao City
1224 AM Radyo Agila Davao Eagle Broadcasting Corporation News, Public affairs, Talk, Music, Public affairs, DXED 10 kW Davao City
1260 AM DZRH Nationwide Davao Manila Broadcasting Company / RH Broadcasting, Inc. News, Public affairs, Public affairs, DXRF 10 kW Davao City
1296 AM DXAB Radyo Patrol Davao ABS-CBN Corporation News, Commentary DXAB 10 kW [8] Davao City

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