(Formely known as La Pepa TV) Most popular TV show in Panama. It only transmitted on TVN every saturday at 8:00 PM (originally at 7:00 PM).

La Pepa TV


La Pepa TV

La Pepa TV was premiered in January 14th, 1995, based on a radio program called "La Pepa Del Rock" in 1994

La Cáscara


La Cáscara (1996)-0
La Cáscara (1997)-0

This one also appeared in the opening of the segment El Panameño with a variation of colors.

One Year Later, La Pepa TV was renamed to La Cáscara. It premiered on July 13th, 1996. The logo represents a banana peel-shaped letter C.


La cascara tv viejo logo
La Cáscara

Late Version


Silhouette Version

This logo is used as a sticker in early 2000's, also appeared during the Carnivals of 2008, 2013 & 2014 & also appeared on the Building until been replaced by the current one in 2013.

2005-2006 (prototype)


Early Version of the modern logo

2007-2011, Present

La Cáscara (2005)

The logo has renewed after a decade. It's now tilted and shaded.


La Cáscara (2012)

This logo only appears on the website.

The current logo, which is similar to the 2007.

2016 (20th Anniversary)

La cascara 20 años
La Cáscara nuevo logo 2016

new fan-made C peel design that resembles the original 1996 logo.

20 años (La Cáscara)

Official variant logo with all the characters.