La Cáscara (formerly known as La Pepa TV) is a popular panamanian comedy sketch show. It currently airs every Saturday at 8:00 pm (originally at 7:00 pm) on the channel TVN. The show is known for its famous segments and interviews.

La Pepa TV


La Pepa TV

Before La Cáscara made its debut, the show was originally called as La Pepa TV.

The show premiered on January 14th, 1995 and it was based on a radio program called "La Pepa Del Rock" during 1994.

La Cáscara


La Cáscara (1996)-0

The full version with the show's name.

La Cáscara (1997)-0

A rare version of the logo. Appears in the opening from the segment El Panameño with a variation of colors, as well as some animated intermissions from the show.

After one year of La Pepa TV, the executives decided to rename the show due to the word "Pepa" is somehow vulgar. The show was relaunched as La Cáscara and it premiered on July 13th, 1996.

The infamous logo consisted of a yellow banana peel which is shaped like a letter C (indicating that it perfectly fits the show's name).


La cascara tv viejo logo
La Cáscara

Modified version of the logo.


Silhouette version of the logo.

On 1998, La Cáscara redesigned a more notable version of its logo to begin its 3rd season of the show.

This lasted more than ten years before its redesign in 2007 for the show's 12th season.

The logo was used as a sticker in during the 2000s, also made a surprise appearance during the carnivals of 2008, 2013 and 2014. The logo also appeared as a building sign until its replacement with the current logo in 2013.

2005-2006 (prototype)

An early version of the then-current logo only appeared on intermissions from the show during 2005 and 2006 for the "10 years" variant.

2007-2011, present

La Cáscara (2005)

After a decade, the logo was renewed for the first time. The banana peel looks different and is now tilted and shaded.

Apparently this logo is still in use (even on-screen) for some reasons.


La Cáscara (2012)

The slightly modified version of the current logo doesn't actually appear on-screen, but it can be seen on social networks and as stickers at least. The logo is used in tandem with the 2007 version as well.